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  • The TERRADYNE GURKHA Family of Armored Beasts

    The TERRADYNE GURKHA Family of Armored Beasts

                Looking for a little self-protection on the asphalt jungle? One that will get you around on the streets as well as off road if need be, to get you and your family to safety? Look no further than the GURKHA RPV, manufactured by TERRADYNE! The Terradyne GURKHA is an armored tactical vehicle built in 3 different models; LAPV – MPV – RPV. The one that we got to check out was the MPV unit, courtesy of Lucus Witzke & Terradyne. The first time you see one of these up...

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    This 2010 F-350 with the 6.4 Powerstroke owned by Daniel Calvert, is an absolute labor of love he tells us. Daniel started out with a stock truck and has worked hard to bring you this great truck. As all of you 6.4 owners out there can attest to, a key to making the 6.4L a better engine from stock is making sure it breathes better, stays cooler and keep the EGT’s as low as possible. So Daniel went with an AFE intercooler, MBRP intercooler pipe, Banks Ram Air Intake, a full DPF delete kit including down pipe and a banks quad...

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     Raging Bull has blown the barn doors off making his debut in Logan Utah! Chris Taber has piloted The "Barnstormer" pulling tractor for years, and now has a big bad mean brother, The "RAGING BULL". Both are mean pulling tractors and are absoulte showstoppers! Chris Taber enjoys putting on a show for the great pulling fans at the pulling events. Chris enjoys seeing the fans smile and cheer him on when he pilots these tractors down the track. "The greatest thing about pulling is seeing the fans happy with the show I put on for...

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