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      DIESEL GARAGE MEDIA & Celebrity Cars Las Vegas Present to you the first Las Vegas Diesel Show 2017! We would like to personally invite you and your fellow diesel enthusiasts to join us for the 1st of many Las Vegas Diesel Shows! Come check out some cool new diesels, SEMA Show trucks, your daily work horses that get the work done that you need them to, along with diesel industry aftermarket OEM manufacturers and enjoy a great family atmosphere with our great fans!Date: Saturday, December 2nd, 2017Time: 11 am to 5...

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  • RKL Dyno Day 2016

    RKL Dyno Day 2016

    The 6th Annual RKL Diesel Dyno Day was a great event for many to see. The trucks there all performed well on the dyno, and they all got to drive to and from the event. This says a lot about how good builds and quality parts have come in the past 20 years. There were 500 hp trucks there to 2400 hp trucks there! It's amazing how people build trucks so differently, and yet come out to dyno their trucks and are withing 10-20 hp of each other. The new SuperFlow Dyno built specifically for the Northwest Dyno Circuit, was used at...

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  • Diesel Motorsports - East Coast Diesel Nationals 2015

    Diesel Motorsports - East Coast Diesel Nationals 2015

    It was a hot one this year at Numidia Dragway in Catawissa, PA for Diesel Motorsports and XDP's East Coast Diesel Nationals 2015. Both hill sides were full of every year Chevy Dodge and Ford, from rust buckets to fresh off the dealer lot trucks. The dyno was rolling all day long as people pulled into the track. Nicholas Eklund took the cake with the highest HP/Torque at 1215.05/1940.40. If you got hungry, the wonderful people working both food stands kept us all well nourished with delicious food, refreshing drinks, and delectable...

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  • UTTP - Shoshone - Idaho

    UTTP - Shoshone - Idaho

    The town of Shoshone Idaho was the hotspot for the UTTP event last weekend. Chris Taber along with Shoshone local business sponsors to include A&G Irrigation, Burns Tractor, Donley Farms, Extreme Excavation, Agri-Service, Valley Agronomics and Valley Co-Op brought everybody together to make a great show for the pullers and fans. Started cutting the track mid morning at the fairgrounds arena with not a lot needed to get the track ready for action. The RAGING BULL tractor was on hand, but due to having snapped a crank in the motor ...

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     RKL Diesels 9th Annual Dyno Day May 23rd, 2015 in Springville Utah was a great event that had some cool trucks and lots of horsepower. People came out to Springville, Utah from all over to attend this event. This event also marked another event on the quest for 2000 hp by Dmitri Millard with his beast of a truck, Katrina. Big-O Customs, BD Diesel, Opti-Lube and Diesel Garage were some of the great vendors and sponsors in attendance. Adam Landefeld was there providing aerial coverage with his drone, while Diesel Garage Media was ...

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